Monday, March 26, 2012

Detective Notepad of God 1/8 Scale Figure: Alice Pajamas ver

  • Height: approx. 200mm
  • Limited availability
  • Original: Alphamax
  • In stock on Oct, 2012

Not employed and not in school, but equally sharp. Alice leads the NEET detective agency to all sorts of adventures in the comfort of her bedroom. You've come in at the right moment, she is enjoying her can of soda and brainstorming with her teddy bear. Her loosened pajama top falls off one shoulder, revealing the cute camisole she wears. The careful mixture of blue and white brings out the sheer thinness of the fabric. Her dark eyes are wide with mystery and her inquisitive expression rouse her collector's curiosity, take her home and let her make your display case her den.

Pre order the figure at Play-asia


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